Zaful wishlist

Zaful wishlist

Hey loved ones!
I wanted to invite you today to a great site where you will find great things, it is ZAFUL. There's a lot of Christmas sales 2017 right now. If you do not have a gift idea or are you looking for Christmas stuff, there's a lot of Christmas deals out there.
I already have a lot of things from this page and I have never got a chance yet. The quality is really great and the prices are low. Nothing to buy!

Below you have a few suggestions for things at low prices that caught my eye particularly.

Christmas gift for your love

Christmas gift for your love

Hey, my nice!
Today I come to you with a new post. We know that Christmas is coming up with big traffic jams. Christmas is associated not only with decorations, Christmas tree, snow, but also with presents! We like to receive gifts, but also to give others pleasure by giving them presents. But what if your loved ones already have virtually everything? You have no idea what to buy them. I come to you with help! I recommend you the Sevengrils website, where you will find a lot of different things, but above all something that is perfect for everyone - Mermaid blankets. This is the perfect gift for everyone, as you can see in the pictures below, such mermaid blankets can be bought literally by everyone, and the infant as well as wife or freaks. This is the perfect time to have such a blanket. Every winter is associated with sitting under a blanket and watching movies or reading books with a glass of hot tea.

Therefore, if you do not have ideas for a gift for a loved one or you would like to make a gift for yourself, then I recommend this page. If, however, this is not your taste, you will also find other great things on this website!
Everything is great quality and at a very good price!

Once again, I highly recommend Sevengrils!


Hey my love!
Today, the post is strictly for women. Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful wedding dress, but nowhere can you find the perfect one? They are all too obvious, too simple wedding dresses? Are you looking for something unusual? Here I come to your help, I invite you to the Dressywomen website, where you will find beautiful, very effective, unique dresses, but also simple wedding dresses.

Below I've given you some suggestions for beautiful dresses. You can see here both shorter dresses, in various colors such as below in pink, typical princess dresses with tulle pearls and decorations, but also two-color dresses and the white and blue which you can see below is perfect for a beach wedding, some have such dreams and in my opinion, such a dress will work perfectly.

So if you do not know where to buy dresses for your dream wedding then I heartily recommend this website to you. The prices are very attractive for this type of dresses. When buying dresses on this site, you will surely scatter the hearts of all guests! Of course, on this page you can also find other dresses for different occasions, equally beautiful and cheap! Matting balls are coming up so if you also do not have an idea for a dress, I invite you to answer.

Christmas inspiration

Christmas inspiration

Hej chciałam się z wami dziś podzielić świątecznymi inspiracjami. Wiem, że mamy dopiero początek grudnia, ale w sklepach aż roi się od świątecznych ozdób. Na YouTube można też już oglądać Vlogmas co na pewno wprowadza nas w świąteczny nastrój.

Nie wiem jak wy ale ja mimo, że lubię biały kolor, nowoczesność itp, to na święta lubię pozostawać przy tradycyjnych kolorach, zielonej choince i rodzinnej atmosferze.

A jak wy najlepiej lubicie spędzać święta? Jakie są wasze ulubione kolory i ozdoby świąteczne?
Koniecznie napiszcie w komentarzach!



Hey, my dears!
Recently I received a package from Rosegal. I would like to share with you the review of these things.

So the first one is a beautiful satin with lace and black shorts. It is a hit now, that's why I think everyone should have it, especially since it is so wonderful, as you can see in the pictures.

Another thing is white socks with the inscription. The socks are really made of very good material, it is not artificial which prevents perspiration, it is a big plus. The socks are high so they are great for
the winter.

The next thing is a great hat with ears. The hat is well made, the color is strong, it looks very nice.

Here we have socks. They are beautiful, black tights and a skirt are perfect.

The next thing is a wonderful, elegant handbag. It's great perfect for every occasion, it fits many outfits.

Another thing is the beautiful brocade socks with balls. I admit that the socks are better made than I expected, they are beautiful, I love the sparkles very much.

The penultimate thing is a simple black sweatshirt. The workmanship is
very good, the color intense. After washing, the color did not go down and the material did not break down, it is very decent.

And the last thing is already tied a red tie. Is great. I highly recommend it because the price is low in execution, it is much more expensive.

See you in the next post!


Hello my dear readers!
Today I would like to share with you the review of three things that I got from Rosegal. At first I want to point out that my reviews are always sincere, the pictures show exactly how each thing looks and no doubt you can say that their quality is great.

The first thing is this beautiful denim jacket. I am delighted with this thing. The jacket for me is definitely a must have for any girl. It is made of very soft jeans which gives comfort to wear. If I do not like the usual classic stuff, but with such courageous additions, I recommend this jacket to you!

Another thing is short fishnet socks with bow on the side. In my opinion they are very cute and add some sweetness to the whole styling.

The last thing is a beautiful headband with diamonds. I like it so much and I know that I will definitely put it on my ball in January because it will fit perfectly into such an elegant event!

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