Black jacket & pink dress

Black jacket & pink dress

Hey, my love!
Finally, post with my stylization. How do you like it? Although I am a fan of black, this beautiful, sunny weather motivated me to make something crazy. For me, the combination of such a strong pink that we see on a dress with a black motorcycle jacket is a great combination. On warm seasons I decide on more bold colors and how are you? I think I'm a bit like Demeter from the myth of Demeter and Kora haha. In winter, I dress in the dark because for me autumn and winter are associated with sadness I do not know why. And spring and summer is a happy season, I want to live right away and how are you?

I have a pink dress with New look. I like her a lot because she has a flimsy and very girlish cut.
The jacket is from Dresslily. I think it's a total classic and it will fit not only to this but to any stylization! It's great and I'm happy that I have it because I've been hunting for a jacket of this type for a long time.
The bag is from Mimco. I really like this purse because it is universal and fits many styles.
I have shoes with vansa. These are my favorite sneakers ever.
Okuraly are in Rosegal. In a cat shape, very fashionable now.

I wanted to show you the make-up brushes and the headband in the kitten's ears. I also have these things from Dresslily. The brushes are so well made that I can calmly compare their quality to Hakuro brushes! The headband is sweet, I will not wear it on a daily basis, but it is ideal for taking pictures or for holding hair while doing makeup.

brushes links:

If you want to buy something on the Dresslily website, I have discount codes for you below ♥

Coupon Code:  DLGO20
($30-$6,$50-$10, $80-$16, $100-$20, $150-$30, $200-$40, $300-$60)

And how do you like to dress the most in spring? Do you like my stylization? Do you like such connections? Be sure to let them know in committees!



Hey, my love!
How is your day going? We already have spring so it's time to buy slowly in spring and summer things and accessories. On the Dresslily website there are great things at low prices, be sure to check it out!

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday

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What is your must have for the summer?

 Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

Hey, my love!
It's me again! Recently, there were different types of dresses from Today I would like to focus mainly on bridesmaid dresses and graduation dresses. Recently, I've offered you dresses that are very girlish, vivid and colorful. But I know that this is not everyone's style. Everyone knows each other is different and he feels best in something else. Some ladies choose dark colors of the dress, especially black because it is said to make the color slim. I agree with this because the black color really forgives the imperfections of our figure. Remember that the fact that the body is not like the cover of the newspaper does not mean that it is not beautiful! Every woman can look beautiful in a dress! The most important thing is to choose one to feel good in it. Our comfort is the most important. And if the dress will be the one that will be comfortable and beautiful, we will definitely be happy. That's why because of the fact that recently there were bright, colorful dresses today I will show you a few dark blue, dark black dresses for these occasions. Remember that a dark dress for a happy ceremony is not a crime !!

Which one do you like the most?


Hey, my love!
I do not know if you remember but about a year ago I mentioned you about the super website with dresses - Ever-Pretty. Recently, I came across this page and saw so many fresh dresses that I decided to share them with you. We already have spring and soon it will be summer and what follows will be weddings, parties and warm days that ask for the establishment of some pretty dress and show off some legs.
I myself have a navy blue long dress from this side and it's great very well made and the size is perfect for me so if you want to buy it with no fear you can choose your traditional size that you wear on a daily basis.
I will add that the dresses are really good price. About 30-40 $ for such dresses is very cheap as we compare it to the prices of some chains
Below I will show you a few porpozycji dresses from this page which I liked especially and write on what occasion I would put :) :) Of course, the links will be in the pictures.

And how do you like my offer of dresses? Let me know in the comments that you think is the best and on what occasion you would have founded it!


When Should I Wash My Hair Extensions?

When Should I Wash My Hair Extensions?

Hey, my love!
Today I come to you again with a post with hair.
I know that every girl dreams of beautiful healthy and often long hair. Unfortunately mother nature is not always so generous to us and gives us not what we want. Many of us have thin, thinning, thin or short hair. We use different cosmetics and supplements to make our hair look somehow, but it does not always bring the desired results. That is why more and more women are choosing to have long hair. It is a great alternative when our hair is not as if we dreamed.
Such hair can be found, for example, at Amazing Beauty.
But when we think about lengthening the hair, the question often arises -When Should I Wash My Hair Extensions? How to wash?
I will try to dispel your doubts today and help you find the answer to these questions.

1)Before washing the hair, we have to comb it out very thoroughly. It is best to brush the extended hair with a natural bristle brush while holding the joints with your free hand. Do not tug your hair. We start by combing the ends and gradually move up to the top of the head.

2)We wash the hair with lukewarm water. Too warm water can dissolve carnitine and besides, it opens the cuticles of the hair so that they can become more entangled.

3)Do not wash your hair with your head extended down. Their large amount together with joints and water could overload the scalp too much. For this reason, it is best to wash your hair in the shower - your hair will rest on your shoulders.

4)Do not rub your hair while washing. It is best to gently move your hands over them with the shampoo from top to bottom.

5)Hair extensions are usually very dry and not greasy. Too often washing them can also further dry them. Therefore, during washing you should concentrate on washing hair by the skin.

6)Nutrients should not be applied around the rings (joining) because if it got in, hair could slip and the whole band would have to be put on again. The conditioner should be rinsed well.

7)Do not brush wet hair! If they are very tangled, we can comb them gently by spreading the strands apart. We can comb it later when they are already a bit dry.

8)When wiping hair extensions, you must not rub them. It is recommended to knead them through a towel. After "wringing" the excess water, the hair can be wrapped in a towel. Turban will soon absorb excess moisture.

9)Avoid using dryers that dry the hair very much. Hair extensions are dry anyway. They must not be additionally dried. If we have time, let the hair dry naturally

10)After drying the hair, it is recommended to use silk, which prevents hair from getting frizzy and smoothes it nicely.

11)Hair with natural bristles can be turned, straightened and dyed in contrast to synthetic hair. We do not use hair curlers or straighteners in the vicinity of banding - the heat could damage them.

12)After using a straightener or curler, use wax or silk - the hair will be moisturized and will shine nicely.

* Long hair does not get tangled at night, it should be tied in a braid or bonded in several places with hair bands.
* Well-groomed hair extensions can last up to half a year.

* Do not go to sleep with wet hair. In the morning there will be a great tangle.

Okay, my love. When it comes to washing it is so far. If you have suggestions for other posts regarding hair extensions, please let me know in the comments.
Do you also know if you know the page of Amazing Beauty and if you have hair attached!

I feel spring.

I feel spring.

Do you feel the spring already? Recently, it's getting warmer which can be seen in my pictures without a jacket! Of course, it's not hot enough to keep me going so do not worry, my dear boy kept my jacket and took pictures. I can not wait for it to be so warm that I will be able to go outside without wearing a jacket. In my city, although the sun is shining and the sun is warm, a very strong wind often appears which spoils the charm of this approaching spring. But I hope that only days divide me from the dream weather.

body-booho skirt-booho shoes-CCC handbag-mimco sunglasses-Rosegal earrings-f&f watch-Casio

And how are you? Do you have nice weather already? Or maybe the whole year is sunny with you? Let me know what kind of weather you like best in the comments!

Dresslily wishlist

Dresslily wishlist

Hey, my love!
I come to you today with my wish list from Dresslily. I finally found what I had been looking for for a long time on this page! It is a black leather ramones jacket. The motorcycle style is perfect for spring. In addition, I have a cat's kosher, very popular this season, and more precisely a cat's headband with ears. I think it is very sweet. I do not wear it on a daily basis but in the pictures it looks very charming. And for that I've chosen a few bigger makeup brushes. Do you also have girls missing brushes? Because I am so ... I hope that they will be great for me. They look great and the price is great too! The bracket range of these brushes is 1.5-3 $ !!

Now there are promotions on the site so I have a discount code for you!

Coupon Code: Dresslilygo
($ 30- $ 3, $ 50- $ 5, $ 80- $ 9, $ 100- $ 12, $ 150- $ 18, $ 200- $ 24, $ 300- $ 36)

Links to things are hidden under photos - click on the photo !!

Do you know this site? Be sure to look at her! You will surely find something for yourself!

Rosegal - reviev

Rosegal - reviev

Hey, my love!
Today I come to you with a review of things that have recently come to me from the Rosegal site. I honestly tell you that I did not think these things would be so great!
Maybe I'll get straight to the point and say something about each of them.
Let's start with a yellow swimsuit - somehow and great. The sizes are consistent and unfortunately I did not put my big ass in this outfit. This model of outfit is definitely for slim girls with a small butt and bust :)
The next thing is the background of my photos or pink rug imitating real. I like it very much. The size is small so you can use it like me as a background for photos or as a mini rug, for example, near the chair :) You can find him several uses. When it comes to quality, I have no reservations.
Another thing is a multifunction wristwatch. And this is what I am very surprised about. Because the price was very low and I thought it would be impossible for such a cheap headband to work well. And I've been testing it every day for over a week and it's really great. It has many functions such as step counting, sleep monitor, number of calories burned, pressure and pulse measurement and distance traveled. We have an app for the watch, which is called Lefun Health. The watch connects to the phone via Bluetooth. With continuous use, it keeps the battery for 3-4 days, so it's a very good result for me. We can load it by pulling it out of the wristband and inserting it into a USB port on the laptop. And I would forget about the most important one! The watch shows the time and date, this data automatically downloads from the phone. I also show the level of charged battery and let me know if someone writes on Facebook or SMS or to us. Shows who writes or knows also for me is also a big plus because I do not have to constantly hold the phone in my hands only the watch vibrates and let me know that someone wants to contact me.
And the next thing is something in which I had high hopes and I was not disappointed - a silicone face cleaning brush. I also test it for about a week and I am shocked. After all, my face is perfectly cleaned after the makeup is washed off. Always washing her with her own hands and wiping her face with a cotton swab were leftover makeup and now it is gone! For me and my problematic complexion it is like salvation. The brush has different power functions and different lengths of these washing tabs. It's easy to reach it anywhere, and using it is very pleasant. It is waterproof so you can safely use it in the shower and has a USB charging cable included.
The last two things are beautiful scarves. Very fashionable lately. You can attach them like I do to a handbag but also wear it on my hair. You will definitely see them in my other posts because they are brilliant!

And that's all I wanted to show you. Do you know this site? Do you like the things I ordered? Make sure to know in the comments!

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