Hey guys!

It is very close to one of the most beautiful days of the year. We already feel the magic of Christmas. It is wonderful and beautiful. Recently I wrote you a lot about the Star backdrop website and different backgrounds for different occasions. This time I want to touch on the Christmas theme. Christmas is so close, I think everyone can feel it. It's a warm time even though it's cold haha, love, good deeds, gifts and beauty.

I think that in this beautiful and magical time it is fun to take wonderful Christmas photos. I honestly admit that there are loads of Christmas backdrop on the website! I am shocked at how many beautiful designs there are in various styles. Each of them reminds me of something beautiful and good. I think Christmas photo backdrop is a must have for a successful photo session haha. My favorite backgrounds are those with snowing christmas tree on them

Christmas sessions are becoming more and more popular and reflect the great atmosphere of the magic of Christmas. Check out how much of it is and how beautiful they are! It's hard to resist buying something! Everyone loves Christmas so I think it's no wonder that the website has the most Christmas backdrops.

Also, write to me if you have already checked this page to see the backgrounds? Maybe you already have some? If so, I would like to hear your opinions and feelings!

Also let me know how are your preparations for Christmas? Can you feel the Christmas atmosphere? Do you like decorating your home, buying Christmas decorations, clothes and gifts? Because I love it!





Today we will continue with the topic of backgrounds and the wonderful side of Star backdrop. This time I would like to focus on school photo backgrounds. I know that it is still far from it, but the subject is known and common, I think that everyone wants to have a nice school photo that they will not be ashamed to show haha.

I have to admit that I found some pretty cool school photo background and graduation backdrop.

It's nice to have a souvenir that can be hung on the wall. For example, I do not have a photo from the first day of school in the first grade and I am very sad because of that, because I think it would be a great souvenir. I also do not have a photo from my graduation, which I regret because these are very important moments in life that are worth capturing. And thanks to such an impressive graduation backdrop, such a photo can look even better!

The graduation backdrops that I chose as the ones that I liked the most in gutu, I think they are universal and many people would like them and everyone would like to have a photo on them.

Let me know how you like this page and the whole idea of ​​these backgrounds in general! Maybe you have your own backgrounds at home, do you like to use them? Maybe now you will be tempted to buy new ones haha. I am very curious about your opinions and look forward to your answers in the comments!


Lion king

Lion king

 Hey my dear!

Recently I wrote about Star backdrop and tree backgrounds. Today I wanted to introduce you to this page again, but now with a slightly different topic. It will be a more fairy-tale subject. While browsing the backgrounds, I found lion king backdrops. Which I liked very much. As you can see, I added what the lion king backdrop looks like, as well as the background with the entire arrangement, accessories and, above all, sweet young children. I think this photo is wonderful and shows that so little is needed to achieve such a spectacular effect. In addition, lion king background is also cool cartoon spider web. It reminds me of the recent Halloween and Fall season, and a dark atmosphere. I think that you can also create a lot of interesting photos with these backgrounds.

For me, these backgrounds are very inspiring.

I forgot to write one more important and cool thing about these backgrounds, namely, they are available in many different sizes, depending on what you need, what possibilities you have and the space you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

Information is also given on how big and how many people are for a given size and a description of the materials from which the backgrounds are made. This is a really great thing and I think that if someone takes photos often and it is his passion, such a background can be a great gift for Christmas or other occasions!

Let me know how you like these backgrounds!


Artistic photos with starbackdrop

Artistic photos with starbackdrop

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a new post, and today I would like to talk to you about something very cool. Many of you have blogs and like to take pictures. As we know, sometimes the photo would be nice if it weren't for the background ... even though it is a background part of the photo, it plays a significant role in its presentation. Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Star backdrop website where you can find just such helpful, various beautiful backgrounds. One of the categories that caught my eye are backgrounds with a wooden motif. On the website you will find various options for such backgrounds. They include plain wood backdrop, vinyl wood backdrop, wood floor backdrop as well as wood wall background. They are really very nice and effective. The choice is so large that, frankly speaking, it's hard to tell what I would like the most, because each one is unique, different and beautiful, one of a kind. You will find there clean backgrounds with only wood and with various accessories, such as Christmas accessories, windows, various occasional accents, for children, just all you want. I would like to show you the 3 that I would like to have the most, because they captivated me the most. My choices may seem too obvious and classic to you, but I think you can conjure up lots of wonderful photos with them. Let me know if you know this page and how you like this post and the backgrounds I have chosen! Kisses
First snow!

First snow!

Hey loved ones! The first snow has fallen on me recently! I have to admit that there was quite a lot of it. Without thinking, I decided to go to a quick photo session to capture this white beauty because unfortunately it disappeared quickly due to the positive temperature. Of course, I prefer summer, I do not like winter, but these beautiful views and December are associated with snow and holidays and this gives a great atmosphere! As for the outfit, I am wearing my favorite h & m hat, I like it so much that I have two haha, New Yorker sheepskin coat, a dress resembling a long f & f sweatshirt, tights I don't know where haha and my latest favorite reserved shoes. I think the styling is very simple and classic, but I like it anyway, I feel very comfortable in it. And how do you like my styling and photos? Let me know in the comments! Kisses
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