A perfect body like Kylie Jenner?

A perfect body like Kylie Jenner?

Hey my love
Today I wanted to raise with you a quite controversial topic, namely the topic of the ideal appearance of a woman. Weim, that many women have complexes, that too small butt, too small breasts, too big thighs, too thick belly, small lips, thin hair, and so I could exchange and exchange. I began to wonder where this problem comes from that so many girls have complexes. Looking through the instagram I realized that he is the only one from the sources of the complexes, set, perfect, improved photos arouse jealousy and sadness in the pictures that are not popular on the web. I have recently started to thoroughly review the Kylie Jenner Instagram. She adds a lot of pictures showing many people her perfect body. Anyway, you can also see the number of likes and comments that many people think that she is an ideal woman and would like to look like her. Narrow waist and wide hips are a dream of many girls. Unfortunately, not everyone has such body composition and preferences to be able to earn even hard on such a look.
That is why I began to wonder what can be done so that, on important occasions, I can dress in a beautiful dream tight dress and not feel bad, because you know the best in a tight dress looks with a nice butt and a narrower waist.
Searching for help on the Internet, I came across various posts and stores advertising modeling underwear. On many forums, women wrote that such underwear increased their comfort and self-esteem.
Various types of waist cincher shapewear can be a great help for women who need to narrow their waist a bit. I don't have a narrow waist myself and I use it with tight dresses and I must admit that it gives great results. You can also take in an appropriate pose very attractive and sexy photos on instargram and increase your mood and self-esteem. After all, what is left with something that makes us feel better? In my opinion, nothing
It's simpler with the waist, after all, than you don't think? But there must also be something that will help us! I found a great body shaper shorts that are sewn to squeeze the place we want to hide and on the ass they have a light mesh that allows you to enlarge it, brilliant what not !? In addition, such shorts also shape the waist a bit, so we have a little 2 in 1.
Look at the picture of Kylie I posted and let him admit who would not look like this? In my opinion, deep down, each of us dreams of such a body.
I will also put below the example of modeling underwear I found. This one is from the Cosmolle store and in my opinion is the largest selection on this page but on other you can also find similar products.

Let me know in the comments what your dream figure is and whether there is something you would like to change in your body to improve your self-esteem!

Socofy shoes - newchic

Socofy shoes - newchic

Hey my love
I am sorry that I am only speaking now but I have been ill a little bit and I could not write anything here. Lucky I am again!

Due to the fact that next week the start of the school year and September, and thus it is already approaching us autumn and you need to start thinking about the autumn costumes and accessories. The stores already have summer collections sold out and autumn offers are on the shelves.
Today I also have some autumn items for you when it comes to shoes. I don't know about you, but I always have a problem choosing shoes for fall. I want them to be comfortable, but, above all, that they don't fall apart after the first downpour. Unfortunately, this is how many brands make shoes very budgetly and they don't last long. That's why in my opinion it's best to buy leather shoes.

At newchic.com you can find a lot of autumn shoes. And the best part is that they are socofy shoes! Very beautifully made, different designs and colors, every detail perfectly refined, just beautiful works of art that you can wear on your feet!
On the site you will find both socofy shoes and socofy boots.
I would like to show you suggestions for shoes that particularly caught my eye.

My first suggestion is elegant ankle boots.
These are beautiful dark boots with low heels. They are decorated with beautiful embroidery with flowers. Made of leather. The ankle-high shoes look very neat on the leg. They are zippered and on the other hand have a decorative buckle. Aren't they beautiful?

The second shoes that caught my eye are genuine leather flat shoes.
These shoes are already flat heels. Also made of leather. The multitude of details is compelling. Very polished, every detail is perfectly made, the color combination is great, everything works together perfectly.

See also the prices of these shoes. They are very attractive, nothing but buy!

And how do you like these beautiful shoes? Which ones do you think are better? Do you know the newchic.com website?
Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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