Saledress haul

Saledress haul

 Hey my dear!

I come to you today with a new post. This time it's a haul, mega review from Saledress! I'm excited because I have so many wonderful things here. 

The first thing is a beautiful white satin envelope shirt. I have it in size m. She is wonderful, very feminine, I feel beautiful, elegant and classy in it. It is enough to wear ordinary black pants for it because it does the whole styling itself.

Another thing is the winter warm fleece cardigan coat. There is a wonderful, nice soft and very warm material. It goes well with many things, you can easily wear a sweater underneath. I have it in size s and it's perfect for me. Really recommendable, especially since the price is very attractive.

The next items are a set of high waisted leggings plus a long sleeve blouse. Very nice material. Leggings nice fit. The blouse can be worn over the shoulder, which adds a bit of femininity to the sporty styling. Overall, the set is very comfortable and nice to wear. My size is s.

We also have a set, a more sporty one, namely leggings with a very high waist and a hoodie. Things are made of a very flexible and comfortable material. My size is s. The set fits the body perfectly, it is really worth recommending.

The next set is cycling shorts and a longer T-shirt with short sleeves. Such shorts are very fashionable now, so I chose this set and I was not disappointed because they look great and are very comfortable. My size is m.

And the last set I have to show you today are shorts, a short blouse and a mask in a very fashionable pattern this season. I really like this color combination. The set is very comfortable. My size is m.

All in all, I've come across sizes everywhere, stuff is very cool. All comfortable and made of nice materials, which is very important to me, I do not like clothes that make me stiff or "tiring". I like to feel fashionable and comfortable, and that's how I feel in these clothes.

If you are willing to shop on this website, please use my discount code: Karolina

Let me know how you like this haul. Do you like this fashion for sets? Because as you can see I very much haha




 Hey my loves!

If you've been with me for some time on my blog, you know for sure that I like modeling underwear. Sometimes when I have a tight dress, I put on special panties with a higher waist so that my stomach looks nice, which makes me feel more confident. It doesn't matter if someone is fat or not. Sometimes someone like me may have a navel fold that will always be there, no matter how much we weigh. Others have problems with flatulence and often have a protruding stomach, others with cellulite and want to smooth the body, and still others want to "keep the body in check" and therefore wear such underwear. And that's totally cool! There is no doubt that every body is beautiful, but in my opinion, if such a small thing is to help us feel better and more confident, why not? I do not see against the precepts.

Today I wanted to take a closer look at the underwear from FeelinGirl. There is a lot of underwear to choose from, there is something for every need.

The first interesting thing is the thigh trimmer. We will find a variety of cars to suit our needs. There are models with zippers, slip-ons, with and without shorts. I like to wear without shorts :)

In the plus size shapewear bodysuit tab, you will find a lot of cool options, you can say underwear - a full-body suit that will keep the body together and provide great comfort.

Now I will show you at the bottom the models that best suit my figure and which I buy most.

The first model is very high-waisted panties made of elastic material. They are great for tight fitting garments like dresses and skirts.

The second model is also high-waisted panties, but they also have braces so that they will not fall. This model has an exposed butt, which I like more than the traditional cut.

And the third model that I really like is a beautiful body. The top on the straps emphasizes the bust nicely, and the bottom is cut panties.

Such underwear not only gives us a lot of comfort and self-confidence, but is also very pretty and attractive!

And you like such underwear? Do you wear it sometimes? Let me know in the comments and check out the FeelinGirl website. Especially remember about shopping on black friday because there will definitely be great promotions - FeelinGirl best buy black friday 2020

Care must have

Care must have

 Hey my loves!

Today I come to you with a slightly different post. This time I would like to share with you my top 7 must-haves when it comes to care cosmetics. These are the things I have been using all summer and some of them have already been packaged so I really like them and they work great for me. Now I will briefly describe each cosmetic and tell me why I like it.

1. Gel - anti-cellulite serum with # FIT.FRIENDS. First of all, it smells good, absorbs quickly and does not stick, which is very important to me. In combination with the use of a Chinese bubble, it gives great effects.

2. Gel eye cream with NATURA ES TONICA bio. Great consistency, I generally prefer gels to creams or lotions, so a bomb for me. It works great under makeup, plus it is very efficient.

3.SPF 50 with SVR. First, a wonderful smell, really beautiful. It does not stick, has a light formula, it works great for my mixed and problematic skin, which is important, it does not clog. A very efficient product, it is perfect for makeup but also for independent wear.

4.Taft Fragrance & shine mist. A hair spray with a beautiful fragrance. Not only does the hair smell beautiful after it, it is shiny and frizz less, this is my next packaging, I stopped counting, I am in love with this product.

5. Mist - conditioner moisturizing the hair with Essence Water. Bought in Hebe. It has a very nice scent, it is great for moisturizing and at the same time does not burden the hair. The bottle is a great advantage, thanks to which the application is child's play.

6.Sugar Lips, sugar scrub with evree. A great sweet and moisturizing product, very efficient.

7.Sephora Rose moisturizing cream. Very nice rose fragrance and a light formula, non-sticky, nice moisturizing, not clogging, super delicate cream.

Let me know if you know any of these products and what you think about them. Also, write if you want such a post only with makeup cosmetics! I am waiting for your comments.

Kisses !!

I still feel summer!

I still feel summer!

 Hey my dear!

I come to you today with a new post. It's September already, but I'm still on vacation so the post will be 100% summer. I am very sad that summer is coming to an end, I still have a month of vacation as a student, but it is obvious that July and August are not the same 💔 Summer is my favorite season. Do you like summer? Or maybe more other times?

In today's post, I wanted to present you two beautiful swimsuits from Dresslily. They are really wonderful and I hope the photos reflect it well. I honestly never liked the color green and now I decided to order two outfits with this color, in different tones and shades, but both are really beautiful. The first outfit is two-piece. I really like its cut and the combination of white with green leaves, I really feel very comfortable in it. The second outfit is in one piece. But it is also beautiful, has a beautiful cleavage and an even more beautiful lacing on the back. In addition, these strings are long enough to be able to tie them around the waist and thus emphasize it nicely. Both outfits are wonderful, I can't wait to wear more of them next summer.

If you want to order something, be sure to use 22% unlimited Discount code: GBJKNO

How do you like these outfits? Which one do you like more? Let me know in the comments!

Kisses 🥰

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