Hey my loves!

Today I come to you with a new post. As you can see in my favorite, summer climates! Summer styling and summer itself are my favorite things of the year and for me it could last all year! In college I am at the end of my session and only 2 out of 7 exams have passed and I will be able to officially start my vacation! However, the worst is behind me anyway and I'm starting to feel relaxed.

When it comes to styling, I am wearing a beautiful blouse with open backs, which is very fashionable in this season, the blouse is from Stradivarius. At the bottom I have a skirt-pants, a short skirt with sewn-in shorts, a hit for me, great comfort and convenience, I bought at ZARA, I have these 2 colors so I like it.

The handbag is from Reserved, the glasses from Aliexpress, and the sneakers from Converse, are on a thicker sole, which I liked very much!

Let me know how you like my styling and how you spend the first days of summer!


shoes & swimwear serise

shoes & swimwear serise

 Hey my beloved!

I haven't been here for a long time, unfortunately the time when the semester of studies ends, the session is approaching, passing the exam and exams are not easy, especially when you study two courses at the same time. But fortunately it does the trick!

Of course, holidays are coming soon, so it's a motivation to work. Summer, beach, swimwear and relaxation are also associated with vacation.

I would like to show you a few things about Milanoo today. This is a great site where you can find lots of fashionable things for the summer. I am really delighted to browse it, I like a lot of things. It's hard to choose just a few of the best haha.

Noteworthy are the Monokini Swimsuits. There are a lot of interesting typefaces. There really is a lot to choose from. I am delighted with them. There is something for everyone, there are outfits that emphasize the bust, butt, belly, the whole figure or camouflage. Various designs and colors and very attractive prices!

Gladiator Sandals are also noteworthy. Such shoes are very fashionable now. They look striking on the leg and emphasize it nicely. There are tons of patterns and colors to choose from. They are flat, high heels, long, short, everyone will find something for themselves.

Below I add photos of my favorites that I found on this page. Let me know how you like them.

The first thing is a beautiful two-piece white dress with an open belly, the cut is very interesting, it emphasizes the figure nicely.

The other one-piece swimsuit is also one-piece, with a thong on the back and simply beautiful in the front, with a very interesting bond and all in itself interesting and beautiful.

The last thing is tied sandals in my recent beige color, I think that such shoes are great for the summer.

Let me know what you think about these things and if anything else from this site you spoodbało!


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