Black baguette purse - love

Black baguette purse - love

Hey my love
I come to you today with a new post. This time I wanted to create a nice sports but at the same time nice styling. I am wearing white sweatpants from bershka, pink shoes from Adidas, they are so beautiful and comfortable for me and look so pretty on the foot that I will gladly buy another color and I recommend it to you too! I have a blouse from h & m from some old collection, it is big oversized, but I think it looks lively. Well, the nail of the program for me is my new baguette handbag from Dresslily. I honestly didn't think it would be so pretty. It has a short and long chain so you can wear it at your own discretion. I like it very much, I still have such a white one you will definitely see it in some of my post soon! Although this style is more sporty, I think it is preserved in such a style that this bag fits perfectly. From other additions I also have a very popular model of the golden casio watch, which is perfectly combined with this beautiful handbag!

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Let me know how you like my styling and especially the handbag! Do you like handbags? Are you supporters of shoppers? I look forward to your comments!
mismatched bridesmaid dresses | SposaDresses

mismatched bridesmaid dresses | SposaDresses

Hey my love
Recently, I wrote to you about wedding dresses I dream about and about beach wedding. I dreamed so much that I started going on and thinking what else is so important at the wedding and what I should think about before. On the SposaDresses website, where I found my dream beach wedding dresses, I came across mismatched bridesmaid dresses. I thought bridesmaid dresses were almost as important as my wedding dress. We know, we always choose people close to us, from family or friends, as a bridesmaid or bridesmaids. These are important people for us, whom we believe very much. I personally would not make any decision without my bridesmaids' agreement, but I know that people who could be my bridesmaids have a similar taste to mine so I think that we would get along very quickly when it comes to choosing a costume for them. Personally, I really like when bridesmaids have long dresses. I really like fashion for the same color of bridesmaid dresses. However, I know for sure that I would not like this color to be white. I chose the dresses that I would like my bridesmaids to have the most.

My first suggestion is burgundy, long dresses with different but similar cuts. Of course, if everyone liked the style, each one could have the same haha. I think that one color tone is preserved, with different styles of dresses looks very nice. Each girl can choose the cut that best suits her, speaks and at the same time will suit the rest of the bridesmaids. I think this option is a great solution.

My second suggestion is navy blue dresses. For me, navy blue is a color that reflects elegance and class. I think everybody likes this color. Compared to the previous dresses, these dresses differ in top. They have other mountains, but they are very decorated. I think that this is also a great option, the color tone and length of the dress preserved, the decorations also the same, only the cuts of the mountains slightly different tailored to the individual preferences of our bridesmaid.

My last suggestion is light blue dresses. I like this color the most, I think it's great for weddings that take place in the summer. This dress is very unique. Because anyone can wear it any way they like. Thanks to the possibility of choosing different combinations of bindings, it allows you to highlight each of your bridesmaids' strengths, and at the same time hide the flaws. I think this is a great option, because each has the same dress dressed in its own individual way, which looks gorgeous!

To sum up for me these dresses are the best, but of course if my bridesmaids would choose something else I would also be happy. There are many more offers on the site at really attractive prices. I have presented to you those which in my opinion are the best but you know everyone has different tastes that are not discussed! : D

How do you like my bridesmaid dress suggestions? Which one do you think is the best? What dresses would you like to see at your bridesmaids? As a bridesmaid, what would you feel best in? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Kisses !

beach wedding dresses | SposaDresses

beach wedding dresses | SposaDresses

Hey my love
I come to you today with a new post. Recently, summer has officially started, which I am very happy because it is definitely my favorite season of the year! I love sun, sunbathing, beach, water, sea, summer stylizations and this free time spent resting. This is by far the best time of the year for me, which I always look forward to.
Recently I was thinking how I would like my wedding to look like. By way of deduction, I came to the conclusion that since the wedding is a day of dreams for every woman and each of us would like it to be special, I thought that my big dream would be to take him in a place where I just feel carefree, I feel free and happy. This place is definitely a beach, by the sea. This is my big dream. And so fantasizing, I started to delve further into the subject. I started to think about what my dream wedding dress would look like for a wedding in such a place. I came across the SposaDresses website where I found beach wedding dresses. There are a couple of wedding dresses to choose from, which perfectly match my tastes and in which I would love to get married and would feel beautiful and special. It was difficult to choose the best ones but in the end I came across the way of deduction that perfectly match my expectations.
Before I introduce them to you, I wanted to ask you what is your favorite season of the year. Would you like to get married on the beach? What is your dream place for a perfect wedding?

The first dress I chose was Simple Off Shoulder Beach Wedding Dress. Her arms are down, which I really like. It is very nicely sewn, which beautifully emphasizes the bust, shoulders and collarbones. The material is very light and layered, which makes it look very light and delicate. Thanks to the layers, it is very nicely prone to wind, which looks wonderful.

The second dress I chose was Simple Backless Beach Wedding Dress. I like her simplicity and delicacy the most. It has a beautiful neckline that is deep but does not show too much. And the biggest advantage are the beautifully exposed backs. The material is layered and you can see that it is very delicate. This makes the beach dress look even more beautiful in the sun and in light winds! She is very feminine and delicate.

The last dress is Deep V Neckline Lace Beach Wedding Dress. This dress has  is a bit different in style. The top is fitted with a deep but elegant neckline. It is lace, which I really like. The bottom is tulle, so light and airy which is very important to me. I don't like heavy materials at the bottom of the dress. She is very feminine and washes, just beautiful

How do you like the dresses I chose? Because they are wonderful to me! It would be difficult for me to choose this one because they are all beautiful and unique. In addition, the prices on this page are very attractive for such beautiful wedding dresses. Let me know what your dream wedding dress would look like!


Newchic summer sale 2020

Newchic summer sale 2020

Hi !
Summer is about to start, so each of us definitely wants to refresh our wardrobe a little. New season = new energy! Do you think so too? Today I would like to recommend that you visit the Newchic website. You will find there a lot of great things that can complement your wardrobe for the coming time. There are also great gadgets.

Newchic summer sale time:
Time: Pre-sale:6th July -- 13th July
     Crazy Shopping: 13th July -- 18th July
      Thank and Reward: 20th July -- 27th July

Below I will put some cool and practical things that would be useful to me. Let me know how you like them and what you are looking for presence. Maybe you can find it here!

Hot sale products:

Sandals are great and very feminine footwear for the summer. Personally, I don't really like flat sandals, I really like high heels. In my opinion, they suit almost every style and are very comfortable.

Pic2: edc bag

Edc bag is a fresh gadget for various trips, sightseeing, etc. You can clip it around your waist and keep your hands free. A very practical thing!

Men's floral and patterned shirts are definitely a hit this summer. I sometimes pick up my boyfriend's shirts and put them on shorts look phenomenal!

Sneakers with an open heel are a great option on warm days. Especially for people who don't like to show their toes. Personally, I really like various slip-on shoes and I think they are very comfortable and practical :)

Recently, it has become increasingly fashionable to wear a colorful lower part of the wardrobe, which I really like. Such pants draw attention and do all the styling for us. We wear a regular T-shirt and we already have a very interesting outfit. In addition, the photo model is great for the coming summer <3

More flash deals products you can choose at newchic summer pre-order sale

Let me know how you like these things and if you know this site! Do not be surprised that there is a men's shirt! I like it very much and I think that tied at the waist to shorts would look divine.

Kisses :*

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