Hey loved ones!

I haven't been here for a while due to a lot of work related to my studies. But now I have less things to do, I'm more organized and I'm coming back to you with new energy! It's May already, which means holidays are very close! I am very happy about it and you?

When sunny days come, the temperature rises, I feel like going to the water to take a bath or wear light, tight summer clothes. Although I have a lot of such outfits, I don't always feel comfortable in them, and every year I would like to have something different (probably not only me haha).

Recently I came across a great website Waistdear, where I found a lot of interesting things.

First, one of the beautiful swimsuits caught my attention. Due to my tummy problems (I have IBS and it always sticks out) I choose one-piece swimsuits. She wants to feel attractive in them just like in two-piece outfits, and this black one with a tied neckline is beautiful!

I love tight dresses, but unfortunately, as each of us knows, the big problem with them is the protruding belly. I found a tab with shapewear dropshipping here on the website where there are great things that will allow us to wear beautiful, tight dresses. Full Body Shaper Zipper Abdominal Control caught my eye the most. I think it's a great solution and helps to increase self-esteem.

Browsing the website, I was positively surprised by the tab with post surgery shapewear. I think it's a great solution for women in need. We have a lot of models to choose from in black and beige. I especially liked the bodysuit protecting the whole torso, there are also other cool models that are worth getting acquainted with. I believe that this is a great solution and if we have a need, we should use such things for our own comfort and health.

Let me know how you guys are and do you know this site?
Do you use such underwear? Share your opinions!

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