Hey my love
After my last winter post, unfortunately, I haven't seen more winter :( It's a pity, because these were beautiful views, as you haven't seen, be sure to see! And today, because we are almost the end of January and I started planning my holidays to which there is still some time because there will be they are already very hot in July and I want to buy new things for the summer so I can feel beautiful and take beautiful photos. That's why I went to the Dresslily website where I found a lot of things that will definitely be useful to you!

The first thing is a swimsuit, panties have a high waist, the finish is beautiful, wavy, while the top of the outfit is on one shoulder which is very fashionable this season and this green color - divine. Recently, I'm crazy about this color

The second thing is also a swimsuit and also green! Bottom is in high condition, in my opinion it looks great and very emphasizes the qualities of our figure. The top is a regular tube that is perfect for sunbathing

The next thing is a white translucent kimono that you can put on a swimsuit or normally a blouse and shorts. White color looks great for tan and highlights it very much!

The next thing is one more swimsuit (I couldn't resist I am crazy about the costumes), this time red, this is another color I love. The outfit is very cut out, perfect for sunbathing, and very sexy.

Then I have something that I also like very much, i.e. sunglasses. White, I think it's a very original color for this thing and you can emphasize the stylization very well with them.

And the last thing I would like to show you are also glasses this time a cat's and leopard pattern. I love panther and cat accents in stylization.

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday

Use code:DLBF20 with 20% OFF:  

Over 10usd, save 2usd; Over 20usd, save 4usd; Over 30usd, save 6usd; Over 40usd ,save 8usd; Over 50usd, save 10usd; Over 60usd, save 12usd; Over 70usd, save 14usd; Over 80usd, save 16usd; Over 90usd, save 18usd; Over 100usd, save 20usd;Over 110usd, save 22usd; Over 120usd, save 24usd; Over 130usd, save 26usd; Over 140usd, save 28usd

How do you like these things? Do you also have that when you plan a vacation, you already have a phase to buy things that you take with you? Do you know the Dresslily website? Be sure to let me know in the comments!
Xoxo kisses
land of ice

land of ice

Hey my dear
Today I come to you with an extremely white and snowy post! This is definitely the whitest post on this blog.
On the last Friday of December, I decided with my friends to go to the mountains and more specifically in the Bieszczady Mountains. We really wanted to see some snow and come to the mountains, just feel this winter, this wonderful climate, because unfortunately this year the weather does not spoil us and despite the cold snow can not be seen despite the fact that I live relatively close to Bieszczady, there is no snow at my place and the amount of snow there was unimaginable to me. I felt like she had entered the land of ice or entered Narni seriously! It was an amazing experience for me, in fact in the summer I was in the Bieszczady several years in a row while in the winter even once! If you ask if I'm cold, don't! Only maybe I felt a little cold in my face so I was very well dressed. It was phenomenal anyway you can see it after the pictures! And although I prefer summer than winter, it was an unforgettable adventure for me and I will definitely come back there again in winter!



Hey loved ones!
I come to you today with a new post. This time about nails. Now there is such a big craze for beautiful, colorful, decorated, long nails that I honestly admit that it got to me and I went crazy about nails myself. I bought a UV / LED lamp, hybrid varnishes, gel and other necessary accessories and decorations. And just as the girls are gone in varnish colors and buy one after the other just like I lost in ornaments ... I have a lot of them and I buy new and new all the time. I'm crazy about all these brilliants, stickers, brocades, foil and other decorations that make our nails look like a million dollars !!
I am assuming a little that when I do my nails I can't have so many nail polishes at once because I'm just afraid that they will break and I will have to throw them away and I don't want to. That's why I only have a few varnishes, but I have different nails each time thanks to these great additions !! I am really in love with them. I still find new pages where I order these things and wait only for packages with my trinkets. Unfortunately, stationary I did not find such great decorations but as we know everything is on the internet so there is also a mine of ornaments, literally!
So, going to mereitum, I wanted to show you the website www.stylesnails.com where you will find decorations, but not only, you will find there everything for nails, it is a studio without the bottom of varnishes, decorations and everything you need to make your nails divine!
Now long, perfect, extended nails are fashionable, for example it is difficult for me to grow my length as long as I would like to have, so if you have such a problem, I recommend the False Nails tab. There you will find extension accessories needed for the method you use.
And finally, I would like you to see: 24pcs Shining Transparent Rhinestone Crown Designed Wedding Square Short False Nails, isn't it divine?

shop link
this one!

Let me know if you also have such nail polish about it? Do you like such decorations? Do you prolong Paznockie? Where and what do you most often buy for your nails? And do you do them yourself or do you go to a beautician?
Best regards and kisses !!


Hey my dear
I come to you with a new post. Today I would like to talk a little bit about something other than usual. Namely, the topic can be said more technological. As a student, I know how important technological gadgets, tablets, laptops, iPods, smartphones, printers and many others are. Here you need to take photos of the lecture presentation, print a book here, write an essay here, make a multimedia presentation, which is still something. It is said that people are now addicted to technology and it is true, as you can see not only do we want to use these devices ourselves but sometimes we just have to achieve something, for example a good grade in college. The fact maybe quite a bit unpleasant is the fact that these devices are often expensive or even very expensive, we want them to serve us for more than a year or two because in the end we spent a lot of money on them. It is also known that such a typical student is not able to buy new equipment every now and then, as the one that is going to break down, so you have to take great care of him. We usually take iPods or laptops with us to the university. And it is these devices that are exposed to the greatest losses and damage. To forget this, we should provide the appropriate case for our equipment. In my opinion, it is better to choose a good quality case and enjoy its good quality as well as the great condition of our equipment than to choose the worst case that does not really protect our equipment at all. And it guarantees you that even the most expensive case will become very cheap compared to the price of repairing the equipment or worse, the need to buy a new one.
Now the question is where can we find a decent case? Definitely on the FYY website. There is a huge selection. I especially recommend looking at the iPad Pro Cases tab where you will find lots of cases for various tablet models. The case is very neat, some have additional slides, they also look very stylish and most importantly they are created to fully protect our equipment!
I especially recommend you a case that you can hang on your shoulder and put something more than the tablet itself, i.e. the iPod pro 12.9 3rd generation case.

Hej moi drodzy!
Przychodzę do was z nowym postem. Dziś chciałabym  porozmawiać trochę na inny temat niż zwykle. Mianowicie temat można powiedzieć bardziej technologiczny. Jako studentka wiem jak ważne są gadżety technologiczne, tablety, laptopy, ipody, smartfony, drukarki i wiele innych . Tu trzeba zrobić zdjęcia prezentacji z wykładu, tu wydrukować książkę, tutaj napisać wypracowanie, zrobić prezentacje multimedialna, czyli ciągle coś. Mówi się, że ludzie są teraz uzależnieni od technologii i to prawda, jak widać nie tylko sami chcemy używać tych sprzętów lecz czasem po prostu musimy aby osiągnąć coś, na przykład dobrą ocenę na studiach. Faktem może dość trochę przykrym jest fakt, iż te sprzęty często są drogie lub nawet bardzo drogie, chcemy aby służyły nam dłużej niż rok czy dwa bo w końcu wydaliśmy na nie dużo pieniędzy. Wiadomo też, że taki typowy student nie jest w stanie kupować sobie co chwilę nowego sprzętu jak ten co ma mu się zepsuje, więc trzeba o niego bardzo dbać. Na uczelnię najczęściej zabieramy ze sobą ipody lub laptopy. I to właśnie te sprzęty są narażone na największe straty i uszkodzenia. Żeby temu zapomnieć powinniśmy zaopatrzeć się w odpowiednie etui na nasz sprzęt. Moim zdaniem lepiej wybrać dobrej jakości etui i cieszyć się jego dobrą jakością jak również świetnym stanem naszego sprzętu niż wybrać etui najgorsze, które tak naprawdę wcale nie ochroni naszego sprzętu. A gwarantuje wam, że nawet najdroższe etui stanie się bardzo tanie w porównaniu do ceny naprawy sprzętu lub co gorsza potrzeby kupienia nowego.
Teraz pytanie gdzie znajdziemy porządne etui? Na pewno na stronie FYY. Jest tam ogromny wybór. Szczególnie polecam zajrzeć w zakładkę  iPad Pro Cases gdzie znajdziecie mnóstwo etui na różne modele tabletów. Etui są bardzo porządne, niektóre mają dodatkowe schwoki, wyglądają ponadto bardzo stylowo a co najważniejsze są stworzone do pełnej ochrony naszego sprzętu!
Szczególnie polecam wam etui któro można zawiesić nawet na ramię i schować do niego coś więcej niż sam tablet, czyli  iPod pro 12.9 3rd generation case.

Prom dresses from simple-dress

Prom dresses from simple-dress

Hey my love
Today I come to you with a new post this time prom. I have the impression that the craze for prom dresses is getting bigger every year. Girls dream of more and more beautiful dresses, those that will be unique and those that no one else will have in the hall, because how are we to feel exceptionally and beautifully 100% like any other girl in the hall on this important day has exactly the same dress as we?
That is why I come to your aid today. The simple-dress website offers wonderful dresses at good prices. They are typically princess dresses. In these dresses you will feel the most beautiful in the room this guarantees you! Anyway, these dresses are also suitable for other balls, so if you already had a prom and you dream about such a dress, there is nothing at all to buy yourself such as a bachelor's ball!
There are plenty of dresses on the site, it's hard to decide. After browsing them, I chose my TOP 3 dresses from this site. They are totally my style and I would love to go to one of them for a ball.
Dresses in addition are now in great promotions so you must look at them!

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