Hey my love
What's up? I'm fine, but I started studying and at the beginning there were a lot of things to comprehend, so I wasn't here but again I'm with a new post!
Although it is only October, you can already see a lot of holiday items in stores, so you can feel the magic of Christmas. We associate Christmas with presents. I don't know about you, but I start to think slowly about what I can buy my loved ones. In addition, many companies have released their Advent calendars, which makes them feel completely like in December when watching YouTube videos with their opening.
But let's get to the heart of the post. Jewelry is always a great gift for me. My mother, friend or aunt always enjoy such a gift. But what if it turns out that one of them already has so much jewelry that you do not know what to choose so that there is no mishap that he will get something that he already has?
I found a solution! On the get name necklace page you can design your own personalized jewelry. Then it will be unique, sentimental and you will be sure that the recipient will definitely not have one in his collection yet!
Especially on the site I liked name necklaces. They are available in gold, silver and rose gold. In addition, there are various pieces and designs of necklaces so you will definitely meet the tastes of the recipient.
I especially recommend you a heart photo necklace. This necklace will be perfect for every occasion for the person you love. It is a necklace with a heart-shaped tag on which you can give a photo engraved on one side and an inscription on the other!
Jewelry is well made of silver or gold-plated silver. Prices are not high compared to other jewelry stores. Especially since you have jewelry here that you design yourself!
Remember that on the site you will also find rings, bracelets, earrings and many other sets!
There is a great promotion on the site now so if you want to buy such jewelry even cheaper then it's worth using!

Do you like jewelry? Would you enjoy such a gift? Which of my suggestions do you like the most? Be sure to let me know in komenatzrach!

Last warm days

Last warm days

Hey my love
I come to you today with a new post. On Sunday I was with my boyfriend in the castle park in the town that is nearby us. As you can see the weather was divine, the sun was shining beautifully. Unfortunately, autumn is approaching and today it is not so warm, on the contrary, since yesterday it is terribly cold !!! I don't know about you but I definitely prefer a million times more summer and spring than winter and autumn! I am very sorry that already the end of summer, I can not wait for the next holidays. Due to the fact that I have many photos from holidays and warm places, I will sometimes add such posts to send you and myself some nice memories, sun and summer!

I am wearing a leopard dress from Pull & Bear, a handbag - a bag from C&A, shoes from Deichmann, and new to me - glasses! These are prescription glasses. What do you think? What do I look like in them? Recently, being at the doctor, it turned out that I do not see in one eye and I have to start wearing glasses, I was not at first convinced of my image in glasses but now I even like it

So, do you prefer warm or cold seasons? Let me know in the comments if you are #teamsummer or #teamwinter


My Name Necklace

My Name Necklace

Hey my love
I come to you today with a new post. I hope you are happy that I came back to the blog and I often publish posts! Because I am very happy about it.
Today I wanted to talk to you about jewelry. I don't know about you but I love jewelry. I can't imagine leaving home without earrings, a watch and a necklace. Of course, I also love rings and bracelets and I have a lot of them and I think that jewelry is always a great gift idea for a friend, mother, grandmother, aunt, girl and so on. Every woman will be happy with such a gift. It's September and I can see that some are already thinking about Christmas Eve and gifts. What should I buy my beloved girlfriend? What buy mom? What to buy a friend? What will she like? Certainly many of you ask yourself these questions.
I think I could help you a little bit. Namely, on the site you can find various types of jewelry. The best part is that you can also find here unique jewelry - custom-necklace name necklace and custom-necklace infinity bracelet. This is a great gift idea because it is personalized! You can choose, for example, what name should appear on the necklace or bracelet, which I think is great. This is a unique gift that will definitely be very sentimental for the recipient. You can choose silver, gold and rose gold. When it comes to bracelets, you can choose on a chain or also on a string so you will definitely find the tastes of the person who will get this gift.
I would like to add that it is also great that the bracelets with string have a choice of four colors: blue, purple, red and black, so if someone is a fan of one of these colors, it will definitely hit the spot. And when it comes to necklaces, you can also choose the length you want. Because it is known that some like short at the neck and some long.
I will show you below which of these designs best suit my tastes. I definitely prefer gold. But I also wear silver :)

Let me know if you prefer silver, gold or maybe rose gold and which type of jewelry do you like more? Are they maybe necklaces or bracelets?



Hey my dear,
what's up? How was your holiday Do you have anything to remember? Because I have, I was this year at the seaside, the beautiful and wonderful sea. I love sea. If someone asks what you prefer mountains or the sea I definitely answer that sea! I love beaches, beautiful sunsets, water, ships, fish, I love this climate. I have a lot of sessions from the seaside. The first is in a beautiful bright kiwaty dress with a wreath on the head. Plus red lipstick and my tan. The most important background - sea, beach, sunset ...

What do you prefer? Sea or mountains? Why? Let me know in the comments!
I greet you warmly!



Hey my love
Today I come to you with a new post. We have the end of summer, autumn is coming, a beautiful time. As we know, the main wedding period is summer and more specifically holiday. But we know sometimes we want to get married already and not wait another year or two, so many people decide to get married early in the fall. There are also people who specifically want to get married during this period because, for example, the summer temperature is too high for them, or they want to organize it a little cheaper. Especially wedding dresses during this period are beginning to be on promotion, as for example on the Newarrivaldress website which is a great and profitable opportunity not to overpay too much for the dress. Every woman at a wedding wants to look beautiful, like a princess, exceptionally and most beautifully in the world. Unfortunately, however, sometimes ladies with more round body shapes do not feel beautiful enough in a dress, or are ashamed to go to the living room where the saleswoman will watch and measure them, worse as it will be unpleasant and spoil the humor at this beautiful time. Let's remember that everyone is beautiful and unique. That's why on the site I mentioned before you can find lots of plus size wedding dress. Be sure to check it out. Now there are big promotions in addition, so if you have a wedding soon or you don't have your dream wedding dress then maybe you just found it?
Personally, I like these three dresses the most:

Do you like my suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

A perfect body like Kylie Jenner?

A perfect body like Kylie Jenner?

Hey my love
Today I wanted to raise with you a quite controversial topic, namely the topic of the ideal appearance of a woman. Weim, that many women have complexes, that too small butt, too small breasts, too big thighs, too thick belly, small lips, thin hair, and so I could exchange and exchange. I began to wonder where this problem comes from that so many girls have complexes. Looking through the instagram I realized that he is the only one from the sources of the complexes, set, perfect, improved photos arouse jealousy and sadness in the pictures that are not popular on the web. I have recently started to thoroughly review the Kylie Jenner Instagram. She adds a lot of pictures showing many people her perfect body. Anyway, you can also see the number of likes and comments that many people think that she is an ideal woman and would like to look like her. Narrow waist and wide hips are a dream of many girls. Unfortunately, not everyone has such body composition and preferences to be able to earn even hard on such a look.
That is why I began to wonder what can be done so that, on important occasions, I can dress in a beautiful dream tight dress and not feel bad, because you know the best in a tight dress looks with a nice butt and a narrower waist.
Searching for help on the Internet, I came across various posts and stores advertising modeling underwear. On many forums, women wrote that such underwear increased their comfort and self-esteem.
Various types of waist cincher shapewear can be a great help for women who need to narrow their waist a bit. I don't have a narrow waist myself and I use it with tight dresses and I must admit that it gives great results. You can also take in an appropriate pose very attractive and sexy photos on instargram and increase your mood and self-esteem. After all, what is left with something that makes us feel better? In my opinion, nothing
It's simpler with the waist, after all, than you don't think? But there must also be something that will help us! I found a great body shaper shorts that are sewn to squeeze the place we want to hide and on the ass they have a light mesh that allows you to enlarge it, brilliant what not !? In addition, such shorts also shape the waist a bit, so we have a little 2 in 1.
Look at the picture of Kylie I posted and let him admit who would not look like this? In my opinion, deep down, each of us dreams of such a body.
I will also put below the example of modeling underwear I found. This one is from the Cosmolle store and in my opinion is the largest selection on this page but on other you can also find similar products.

Let me know in the comments what your dream figure is and whether there is something you would like to change in your body to improve your self-esteem!

Socofy shoes - newchic

Socofy shoes - newchic

Hey my love
I am sorry that I am only speaking now but I have been ill a little bit and I could not write anything here. Lucky I am again!

Due to the fact that next week the start of the school year and September, and thus it is already approaching us autumn and you need to start thinking about the autumn costumes and accessories. The stores already have summer collections sold out and autumn offers are on the shelves.
Today I also have some autumn items for you when it comes to shoes. I don't know about you, but I always have a problem choosing shoes for fall. I want them to be comfortable, but, above all, that they don't fall apart after the first downpour. Unfortunately, this is how many brands make shoes very budgetly and they don't last long. That's why in my opinion it's best to buy leather shoes.

At you can find a lot of autumn shoes. And the best part is that they are socofy shoes! Very beautifully made, different designs and colors, every detail perfectly refined, just beautiful works of art that you can wear on your feet!
On the site you will find both socofy shoes and socofy boots.
I would like to show you suggestions for shoes that particularly caught my eye.

My first suggestion is elegant ankle boots.
These are beautiful dark boots with low heels. They are decorated with beautiful embroidery with flowers. Made of leather. The ankle-high shoes look very neat on the leg. They are zippered and on the other hand have a decorative buckle. Aren't they beautiful?

The second shoes that caught my eye are genuine leather flat shoes.
These shoes are already flat heels. Also made of leather. The multitude of details is compelling. Very polished, every detail is perfectly made, the color combination is great, everything works together perfectly.

See also the prices of these shoes. They are very attractive, nothing but buy!

And how do you like these beautiful shoes? Which ones do you think are better? Do you know the website?
Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Holidays at the seaside with a dresslily

Holidays at the seaside with a dresslily

Hey, my dears!
Today I wanted to share with you photos of my wonderful holidays at the seaside. How do you like them? For me, there is a divine, wonderful place and a wonderful swimsuit and sunglasses from Dresslily. Delicate sand underfoot and beautiful warm sea what more could you want? A very comfortable swimsuit ideal for swimming, very sexy.
I'm adding some pictures from this beautiful time. Wait for more because it's one of many sessions in this lovely place!

Here are the new arrival:

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday

3. Free Shipping for orders over $45.00
20% Discount code: GBJKNO

($30-$6,$50-$10, $80-$16, $100-$20, $150-$30, $200-$40, $300-$60")
wedding dresses - Suzhoudress

wedding dresses - Suzhoudress

Hey, my dear,
We already have holidays alone, warm and beautiful days. Spring, summer, holidays are the time of weddings. Most people get married in this period. The wedding and reception require a lot of preparation. The bride herself has a lot on her mind, even choosing the wedding dress herself, which will be perfect, in which she will feel on this day like the most beautiful woman on earth. Often it is not a good task to fulfill the requirements of a capricious bride.
Fortunately, on the Suzhoudress UK website, we can find a lot of  wedding dresses UK.
I think you will find here a lot of dresses like a fairy tale. I personally like everyone, they are unique, unique and unique, I think that even the most demanding bride will find a dress of your dreams here.
In addition, the dresses are very attractive prices! A lot is now on promotion so if you have a wedding for a year or two or even this year and you do not have a dress yet, then there is nothing to wait for! Go to the website and choose something for yourself.
I will show you a few of my suggestions now, which in my opinion are divine and I would gladly put them on my wedding day.

How do you like the wedding dress proposals I have presented? What would you choose?



Hey, my love!

 I have not been here for a long time due to many duties and work.  But again I come back and I hope that I will not have to make such breaks anymore.  But to the point :) I wanted to tell you a little bit about the great website which is called Suzhoudress UK today.  You will find on this site a lot of great dresses for different occasions.  But today I would like to focus especially on evening dresses online.  The site has a huge selection of such dresses.  Different cuts, patterns and colors.  For sure everyone will find something for themselves.  I am writing about these dresses because summer has just begun and many weddings and other events are being prepared for which such dresses are the perfect solution.  Always every woman wants to feel beautiful and has a problem with buying dresses.  Here you will find unique, one-of-a-kind and unique dresses at attractive prices.

I will show you now a few proposals of dresses that caught my eye in particular.

The first dress is very my style.  Pink, delicate, feminine, what I like.  And how do you like the offer?

The second dress, although it is black looks very charmingly and sexy.

My third proposal is a white dress.  She is very delicate.  In my opinion, it looks wonderful.

How do you like my suggestions?  Are you in your style or just the opposite?  Make sure to know in the comments!  Also check the website and see which dress is your favorite!

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