valentine evening

valentine evening

Hey my love!
As we know, we have the end of January. It will be February. I do not know if you too, but February has always been associated only with Valentine. I hear February and I have February 14 on February 14. Valentine's Day is a feast of lovers. Often, couples, younger and older, are going for romantic dinners. It's a special day for many and they want to look beautiful!
For ladies I would like to recommend a beautiful long dress for valentine evening. Such dresses can be found, among others, on one of my favorite dresses websites, namely: Personally, I'm in love with their dresses because they are beautiful and their prices are not high, so the pros themselves! It is known that the choice of the dress depends on the taste of the woman, but is it only? I express our personality with clothing, but we also show what we like. Sometimes we also want to dress a date to give a man a sign through a suit. As everyone knows. That's why the site will find dresses and beautiful, sexy, sensual in sharp colors, but also such a "good girl" that will not show much, and maybe even force our partner to imagine what would happen if this dress had a larger neckline or exposed leg. What kind of creation we choose as I said above depends on our personality but also on the circumstances.

And how do you spend Valentine's Day? Do you like romantic dinners? What is the best Valentine's outfit for you? Write in the comments!
Rosegal - reviev

Rosegal - reviev

Hey, my love!
Recently I write a little here because somehow since the beginning of the year I have not had enough time for everything. But I will try to change it now: D
Today I come to you with a few reviews from Rosegal. From this page I ordered a strap with two buckles, a backpack that can also be worn as a purse or hit this season, jeans jacket, phone case and stand for beauty blender. All things came as they were presented on the site, and in total they look even better!
The phone case has a very fashionable design and I like it very much. The sponge stand is great, finally I have a place to hold it safely. The belt is very suitable in my opinion to the coat, exactly as I put it in the picture below: D. The backpack is wonderful. It has straps and can be worn like a classic backpack but it also has a strap that can be put on like a purse. I think that this is a great solution because you can carry the backpack in different ways to different styles. In addition, it is very packed as I walked on the jacuzzi I put there a large towel, swimsuit, flip, wallet and other small things: D
I highly recommend you these things because they are just great, they work great.

And what do you like most?
Do you know this page? What do you think about her? Do you buy something on this site? I am waiting for your answers in the comments! <3


shoes - stradivarius coat- river island craft- h&m 



Hey, my love!

 How are the beginning of the new year going by? For me, not the most, but caught me a cold and I lost strength to do anything but I hope it will only get better.
This year, I'm going to prom in my boyfriend and because of meditation on the dress I went back to the ever pretty dresses page where there are these beautiful dresses. On my prom I had a gray dress. It was bright and felt very good in it. Now I thought I could put on pink? On this site I found beautiful pink dresses in which I just fell in love. Pink color reminds me of such delicacy, girlish beauty, youth, in my opinion it is the perfect color for a prom, wedding or any other ball. The color pink is the color for every woman. I think you have no lady who would not find the perfect shade of pink for herself!
However, if you really want something else then I think that the most appropriate option will be sexy long evening gowns.
If you want to look feminine, attractive and very sexy it will definitely be your choice.
I know that we have only the beginning of the year, but who goes to the wedding this year knows that such creations are bought much faster. Therefore, for ladies who want to look at this ceremony like a million dollars, I recommend taking a look at this page!
I dare mention that the prices are really attractive compared to other sites of this type offering such beautiful dresses.

My top of the top dresses:

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