Hey loved ones! I wanted to recommend one of my favorite pages again, namely ROSEGAL. I'm in love with this site. There are tons of great things at bargain prices. The advantage is that things actually look better than they are in pictures and are well done, which is very important to me. 
Nowadays, women are more likely to wear trousers than skirts, so we need a lot of blouses to wear these trousers. On this site you will find a lot of tops at great prices!

We know that soon HALLOWEEN and therefore on the site there is a lot of promotion. Just go in and buy! You will find clothes for this event but not only!

This time I wanted to offer you 8 things, this time I particularly interested in this.

The first thing is mega fashionable this season with long printed socks. I consider these socks a total hit. For me they are just wonderful.

The second thing is the hat with the ear. I find it very charming and because it is black it will fit a lot of things.

 Another thing is the beautiful shorts decorated with lace. I'm just in love with them love those things. In addition, the price is also very attractive.
 The next thing is the usual quill, something that I think each of us should have in my closet.
 Here we have a classic classic black bag. White stripes make me very curious. It fits well with many styling and is very handy.
 I noticed that the socks we see in the photo below are very fashionable lately. I was not convinced of them, but as I strolled through the internet styling with them I just fell in love with them.
The penultimate thing is the usual black men's sweatshirt. Why men? I have been searching for black jackets for a long time and I just wanted to be a little bigger. That's why this sweatshirt is perfect and meets my requirements. It's just what I was looking for.

And the last thing is the red tie. In my opinion, women and men can wear a tie, and from that look that looks great and is still in my favorite colo I decided to put him here.

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  1. Great selection!
    Have a nice day, dear!

    Maybe follow for follow?
    Moj mali kutak

  2. Skarpetki bardzo fajne <3


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