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I come to you today with a new post! Similar topics as the one about which I will write today have been discussed on my blog more than once. Namely, the topic of the use of slimming underwear and other products of this type. As you know, my opinion on the use of such things is positive, if someone feels good in their body with a few more kilos, it means that they cannot use such underwear and accessories? Not at all! If someone does not feel confident with their body, they can also use such accessories, at least for their own comfort. Everything is for people and I believe that the best solution is that it helps us to feel better and more confident, I am glad that there are such opportunities. Getting to the bottom of it, I wanted to see more of such underwear and accessories from Sculptshe

On this page you will find a lot of great things that are very practical and help you feel more comfortable. These are the things that minimize the support of your entire body to keep you feeling confident. They will provide the control and adjustment necessary for a quick and effective recovery of the body and the desired figure. The best shapewear bodysuit is a great solution in my opinion. The choice is huge when it comes to colors, of course the basic linen colors - black, beige and white. However, when it comes to patterns, I think that there is everything here, really a body full-body, with shorts to the middle of the thigh, knee-length, body covering the bust, double slimming, just all of them. When it comes to slimming the waist, the best waist trainer for plus size will be a great choice. They are very practical, look comfortable haha ​​and remind me of very old corsets that have been worn for a long time and here is the option of quick and easy putting on.

I must admit that the prices on this website are also very attractive, if you were looking for any of these articles, be sure to check out!

Below, I put pictures of the things that best suit my needs and requirements. I believe that it would be very useful for me.

Let me know if you know this site and what you think about such things! Maybe you have one in your wardrobe or you plan to buy one?

Kisses !!

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  1. Hola !!!!!
    Yo estoy buscando algo así porque soy ancha de caderas y unos kilos de mas, estoy en proceso para perder, pero claro va lento y para algunas prendas lo necesitaría. A ver si busco bien y me hago con uno rápido y usarlo para el momento adecuado.
    Muacks !!!!

  2. Thanks, very interesting. Have a good day

  3. Cuando tenga esos tipos vendré a comprar esas cosas jejeje. Un abrazo

  4. Ideal for the new year and diets!

  5. I heard about this website! Thanks for sharing :)

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  6. ¡Muy buena publicación! Lo primero es sentirnos bien con nosotras mismas da igual los kilos es solo un número =)

  7. ¡Hola!
    Yo estaba buscando alguna para moldear mi cuerpo, porque no tengo ya tantos kilos de más, pues he estado en proceso de bajarlo, pero me encantaría amoldearlo un poco.
    ¡Un beso, gracias por la recomendación!

  8. As long as you can breathe in there... :-) Good for the "Corona-Belly"! :-D
    xo Maren

  9. Muy interesante Carolina. Gracias.


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