Hey guys!

It is very close to one of the most beautiful days of the year. We already feel the magic of Christmas. It is wonderful and beautiful. Recently I wrote you a lot about the Star backdrop website and different backgrounds for different occasions. This time I want to touch on the Christmas theme. Christmas is so close, I think everyone can feel it. It's a warm time even though it's cold haha, love, good deeds, gifts and beauty.

I think that in this beautiful and magical time it is fun to take wonderful Christmas photos. I honestly admit that there are loads of Christmas backdrop on the website! I am shocked at how many beautiful designs there are in various styles. Each of them reminds me of something beautiful and good. I think Christmas photo backdrop is a must have for a successful photo session haha. My favorite backgrounds are those with snowing christmas tree on them

Christmas sessions are becoming more and more popular and reflect the great atmosphere of the magic of Christmas. Check out how much of it is and how beautiful they are! It's hard to resist buying something! Everyone loves Christmas so I think it's no wonder that the website has the most Christmas backdrops.

Also, write to me if you have already checked this page to see the backgrounds? Maybe you already have some? If so, I would like to hear your opinions and feelings!

Also let me know how are your preparations for Christmas? Can you feel the Christmas atmosphere? Do you like decorating your home, buying Christmas decorations, clothes and gifts? Because I love it!


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  1. Hola Carolina, a mi me encanta adornar mi casa y cada año lo hago para el 8 de diciembre con el árbol, belén, guirnaldas. figuras por doquier, adornos luminosos en las ventanas, etc. También preparo los regalos para la familia.


  2. Bonito y elegante, luego da mucha pena cuando hay que quitarlo, pena y pereza. Un abrazo

  3. Hello Carolina, nice photos. I love Christmas.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and following me, I have followed you since last May as Marianna 2.0

  4. Uwielbiam takie Świąteczne zdjęcia :)

  5. Woooow, I love this photos. For me, Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. I follow you!

  6. Hi Karolina, Nice Blog. And very nic Shoot. Thank you for come and comment in my blog. Thank you in pariticular for becoming follower of my blog Il Rifugio degli Elfi
    If you like photos try to come to see my other blog Fotografia è vita - you coul find the link in my first blog The Refuge. Now me to follow your blog. Have a nice week and arriving Christmas

  7. Hello! I saw you came to my blog and became a follower so I started following your blog too. I like its aesthetics. The pictures you chose for this post are the cutest. So inspiring. Take care :)

  8. I loved this post.
    I follow you and I invite you to me

  9. Piękne zdjęcia świąteczne <3

  10. Hello!
    Beautiful pictures!
    Thanks for follow my blog. From now on I also follow you from

  11. Very nice photos! Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Have a nice day! Helena

  12. Hola!! las decoraciones están muy bonitas, mi casa no quedo así que envidia jajaja

  13. ¡Hola, hola!
    Me gusta mucho la navidad, pero nunca hago la decoración al final, y para mí, el ambiente siempre está presente todo el año :P

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  15. Hi!
    I love your blog too!
    The backgrounds that I like the most are the images of pine trees with snow or with a winter atmosphere. They give me a lot of peace of mind.


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