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Today I come to you with a new post. Today I would like to touch on the topic of home, cleaning and organization. As recently I started to feel like sims bad when the environment is not well organized haha ​​I decided to do something about it. It was hard for me to find time to clean, especially my room at once, so I mobilized myself and successively, day after day, piece by piece, cupboard for the cupboard, I was cleaning the room, now I'm almost at the finish line when it comes to cleaning and I must tell you that I feel like heaven better when I know it's tidy.

Various organizers that you can buy, for example, on the Aoin website, helped me a lot. I have to admit that I had the biggest problem with organizing underwear and jewelry. Therefore, I sincerely recommend you to stock up on such aids that will make your life easier, it guarantees! Before I organized the jewelry, I kept it on such a jewelry plate and therefore I did not wear most of it because it was tangled, I couldn't see exactly what I had because everything was lying on top of each other and thus very nice jewelry was only lying and it was dusting. I have sorted the underwear separately for short and long socks, panties for regular and thongs, and bras with colors, so I can quickly take what I need without unnecessary ztania at the drawer and looking for what I need.

In addition, the decor that makes me happy is also important to me, so I recommend looking at the home decor online tab where you will find beautiful things that add flavor to the entire room. I like the gold-finished container for brushes or pens and pencils the most. I am a fan of golden accessories so it definitely falls into my tastes. I also like artificial flowers. I do not know about you, but for me no bouquet can last a week, and I really like flowers and such a bouquet is a great alternative to live flowers and we can have as many as we want because it will never wither haha.

Let me know in the comments whether you like such organizers and decorations and what you do to feel good in your apartment!

Kisses !

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  1. really nice and very helpful to reorganize your spaces!!!

  2. Those organizers have a so nice design!
    very useful tools!

  3. I really think organization is a must on my daily routine and these organizers look elegant yet easy to use! I love your blog and just started following you! xx

  4. I love the organizers. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've followed you back. Keep in touch!

    Bisma Rauf / Instagram

  5. Using pretty containers is such a good way to get organized and stay organized

  6. I love how you style this to make it your own. It adds to the fun and creativity of it :)

  7. These look like such great organisers to keep things tidy! thank you for sharing :)

    Hope your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Lindos organizadores, gracias por la recomendación. Te mando un beso

  9. This post is great and useful. Thank you.

  10. Great organization tip -hi doll I always go to every blog that visit me.

  11. Everything looks so wonderful!

  12. Soy una loca del orden, este post me encanta ^^

  13. Beautiful ideas.
    I love the organizers.

  14. Oooo Aoin sounds GREAT! I so need some organizers for sure!

    Ah very inspiring and helpful, thanks for posting :)

    Allie of


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