When Should I Wash My Hair Extensions?

Hey, my love!
Today I come to you again with a post with hair.
I know that every girl dreams of beautiful healthy and often long hair. Unfortunately mother nature is not always so generous to us and gives us not what we want. Many of us have thin, thinning, thin or short hair. We use different cosmetics and supplements to make our hair look somehow, but it does not always bring the desired results. That is why more and more women are choosing to have long hair. It is a great alternative when our hair is not as if we dreamed.
Such hair can be found, for example, at Amazing Beauty.
But when we think about lengthening the hair, the question often arises -When Should I Wash My Hair Extensions? How to wash?
I will try to dispel your doubts today and help you find the answer to these questions.

1)Before washing the hair, we have to comb it out very thoroughly. It is best to brush the extended hair with a natural bristle brush while holding the joints with your free hand. Do not tug your hair. We start by combing the ends and gradually move up to the top of the head.

2)We wash the hair with lukewarm water. Too warm water can dissolve carnitine and besides, it opens the cuticles of the hair so that they can become more entangled.

3)Do not wash your hair with your head extended down. Their large amount together with joints and water could overload the scalp too much. For this reason, it is best to wash your hair in the shower - your hair will rest on your shoulders.

4)Do not rub your hair while washing. It is best to gently move your hands over them with the shampoo from top to bottom.

5)Hair extensions are usually very dry and not greasy. Too often washing them can also further dry them. Therefore, during washing you should concentrate on washing hair by the skin.

6)Nutrients should not be applied around the rings (joining) because if it got in, hair could slip and the whole band would have to be put on again. The conditioner should be rinsed well.

7)Do not brush wet hair! If they are very tangled, we can comb them gently by spreading the strands apart. We can comb it later when they are already a bit dry.

8)When wiping hair extensions, you must not rub them. It is recommended to knead them through a towel. After "wringing" the excess water, the hair can be wrapped in a towel. Turban will soon absorb excess moisture.

9)Avoid using dryers that dry the hair very much. Hair extensions are dry anyway. They must not be additionally dried. If we have time, let the hair dry naturally

10)After drying the hair, it is recommended to use silk, which prevents hair from getting frizzy and smoothes it nicely.

11)Hair with natural bristles can be turned, straightened and dyed in contrast to synthetic hair. We do not use hair curlers or straighteners in the vicinity of banding - the heat could damage them.

12)After using a straightener or curler, use wax or silk - the hair will be moisturized and will shine nicely.

* Long hair does not get tangled at night, it should be tied in a braid or bonded in several places with hair bands.
* Well-groomed hair extensions can last up to half a year.

* Do not go to sleep with wet hair. In the morning there will be a great tangle.

Okay, my love. When it comes to washing it is so far. If you have suggestions for other posts regarding hair extensions, please let me know in the comments.
Do you also know if you know the page of Amazing Beauty and if you have hair attached!


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  1. Great tips here, this is so helpful!

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  3. Buenos consejos que no podré seguir, llevo el pelo tan corto que me levanto de la cama peinada. Abrazos

  4. Ooh what a helpful post! So many great tips to keep in mind :)

  5. Great post! I will pass it along to my daughter :)

  6. These tips are helpful.
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  7. Great post, Thanks for sharing ! x.

  8. Confesso, que nunca usei... mas adorei estas dicas... pois se alguma vez, me decidir usar... já sei como proceder...

  9. I've never had hair extensions, but I'm fascinated by them. Especially because Mindy Kaling once said that every woman you see on TV is wearing them (because every real hair on your head is worthless, LOL).

  10. I used to have extensions and they fell off slowly disappeared I should have done some of these tips here Great post xoxo Cris


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