snow is falling!

Hey, my love!

What's up? For me, as you can see, winter came. A lot of snow has fallen, a lot!
I was going to work yesterday at 3 pm and there was no snow and when I left work at 8 pm there was so much snow that in hard places it was difficult to drive a car! Unfortunately, in my city before they start to clear up, I will be able to get home. This morning, riding uphill was "fun" on the street covered with ice. Just at noon, they sprinkled with a felt-tip pen and cleared off. Is it like that with you? When driving in the morning and evening, I have to be very careful on the street and crazy drivers of the massacre! They drive very fast and then just see how the car begins to turn and lose control over it.

Do you think about the mullet in the winter? How does the matter of snow removal and driving other drivers look like! Let me know in the comments.

I'm wearing a jacket, I do not remember myself because from where I took the tag but it is very cool and it fits perfectly into white snow. Do you like white jackets? The scarf is from h & m, in my opinion, it fits perfectly into a white jacket. The pants are from ZARA. The shoes are from PUMA. And my pretty hat (probably pretty haha) is also from h & m.

And what do you like to wear in winter? :)

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  1. Que look maravilhoso, super estiloso!
    Ótimas fotos!

  2. your snow get up is beautiful! you are looking stunning!

  3. Wow!! i love snow. Regarding your drive in snow, just be careful and be alert always. That what you can do be safe. you look pretty.
    I am already following you dear. Keep in touch .Good day.
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  4. Jakie piękne zdjęcia, szkoda że u mnie nie było takiego śniegu :(

  5. Snow😊 no snow here ... Nice outfit, good photos 😊

  6. ¡I love snow! It´s beautiful *^*
    Nice look :)

  7. This photo is beautiful :)

  8. ¡Hello ✿!
    I love the snow. Very cool your look.
    Thanks for follow me.
    I followed you too.
    A kiss ❄

  9. Hi Love your jacket and the snow looks lovely,thankyou for following me,i am following you too.

  10. Wow, great look! Thank you for visiting me!

  11. Hello!
    I like your winter look!
    I love snow! But I don't love the ice on the street. :)

  12. what a beautiful creation!
    this snow is very interesting
    in africe (this is place where i live) i dont have snow
    pls snd mi a lot of snow which i can later give to my kids
    i very love your blog
    i come to this blog every day
    im waiting for new post

  13. There are about five centimeters of snow in here.
    Wonderful cheerful scarf.
    Beautiful pictures!

  14. Hello sweet Karolina!
    Love your Winter outfit and the snowy images!
    Wonderful captures!

  15. Hi Karolina, so beautiful that early snow!
    You look pretty in your outfit.
    Thanks for your nice comment.

  16. Hi, Karolina! You look great in that outfit. The white jacket is so cute!
    I'm following you back,
    Lots of hugs

  17. Bardzo fajna stylówka :)

  18. Olá,
    amei o look de inverno, agora estamos no verão aqui. Aqui tem frio mas não neve. Um dia quero conhecer a neve.
    Bjos, estou te seguindo de volta.

  19. You are stunning.

  20. I would really love to wear cable knits and scarf like yours, love your tartan scarf dear <3
    Anyway, would you like to support each other by following each other's blog ?
    Please let me know, thank you :)


  21. Ślicznie wyglądasz w tym zestawie, jak Śnieżynka:-)

  22. I love your outfit so much! I would love to get the scarf you're wearing!
    I'm following you back.

  23. A lot of snow!
    This is really beautiful!
    Thank you for visiting my blog

  24. Here I am, dear Karolina, and I follow you with pleasure. Very gorgeous your outfit! Kisses seeyou soon

  25. I really like your outfit! My favorite piece is scarf! I really love pattern!

    Blog -
    YouTube –

  26. So cute your look in the snow!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  27. Lovely outfit!
    I feel a bit cold by seeing all that snow, though!
    Thanks for following my blog! I just followed back!
    Have a wonderful day!

  28. Love this look, Great post! x.

  29. Hiii, in fact I do not know snow but that looks veeeeery cold
    Besos :3

  30. Hey!
    I love your photos!
    I'm following you ^^
    Thanks for your visit to my blog
    xoxo ♡

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  32. Da me ancora non è arrivata la neve ma l'attendiamo con tanta ansia!!!

  33. this post is so nice :)
    xoxo, Tijana

  34. Hi Karolina, you look lovely!
    Following you as well!

  35. Güzel site bana da beklerim.


  36. Hi Pictures are very nice but we still haven't seen much snow.

  37. Hi dear :) nice blog and nice post.
    I'm new follower.

  38. Oh so fun to get snow. No snow here yet just lots of rain, ugh. This look is so cute, I have a scarf very similar to this.

    Allie of

  39. Hi love
    I am so inspired by your post, thank you so much for sharing!
    Enjoy your day

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